Becoming 100% You: Release Your Baggage and Embrace Your Flight

About Shannon

Greetings!  My name is Shannon Lee, and I am the founder of Inner Harmonies and the Becoming 100% You program.   I am a Certified Coach and Consulting Hypnotist with over 20 years experience in helping people to identify and overcome their personal and professional obstacles.  I am a passionate proponent of celebrating life, rather than merely enduring it.

It Wasn't Always This Good

In the Spring of 1997, I found myself in a very dark place.  I had recently returned from 4 years of teaching English in Japan and the 60- to 70-hour work weeks had taken quite a toll.  I was physically and mentally exhausted, deeply depressed, and felt lost and overwhelmed.  I also suffered from "Brain-on-a-Stick-itis" – I was completely out of touch with my emotions and stuck in my intellect.  I woke up one morning and realized that if I didn't do something to change, I wasn't going to be around much longer.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

A random search of the Yellow Pages led me to a therapist, which led to me to a personal growth workshop, which led me to an Empowerment Intensive that used Hypnotherapy as it's main tool.  I began to rehabilitate my feelings, traded in my old limiting beliefs for new decisions about my life and myself, and reconnected with my dreams.  I became so excited about the changes I felt in myself and saw in others that I was inspired to become a Hypnotist.  The rest, as they say, was history!

Let Me Show You How to Transform Your Pain into Your Power!

I have devoted the last 14 years to intense personal and professional growth, learning all about self-improvement, human development, and how the mind and emotions work.  I look forward to sharing my unique blend of vision, compassion, intuition and expertise to support you on your own personal journey into empowerment!

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