Becoming 100% You: Release Your Baggage and Embrace Your Flight

Uncover Your Stuck Spots!

Tired of trying to figure out what's holding you back in life?  Sometimes we are fully aware of the habits, wounds, patterns and belief systems that are holding us back from being fully successful, happy and prosperous. Most of the time, however, we may be missing an important piece of information or level of awareness – in fact, all human beings come equipped with blinders that can obscure the issues that we may find uncomfortable to look at head on. The Stuck Spot Assessment walks you through the process of peeking behind those blinders, in a way that is both gentle and effective.

When you take the Stuck Spot Assessment, you will:

What to Expect:  You will get immediate access to the Stuck Spot Assessment, which includes an Overview of the process, a Workbook, and 4 separate worksheets (Emotional Triggers, Limiting Beliefs, Ineffective Strategies and Internal Resources).  After you complete the worksheets and return them to me, I'll analyze your responses and contact you to schedule our 30-minute consultation to discuss your unique patterns and challenges and how you can break free from them.  I will also create a Personal Development Plan to guide you.

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Fee:  Recevive all of the above for just $149.  Use the form below and get started now!